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3 years ago

Reversal of pay - Super not appearing as negative

I have had a reversed pay for one employee through the last FY this reversal has not appeared in the myob PaySuper field, therefore this employee has been over paid for the year a small amount, but of course I cannot balance my payroll to year end.

How can this be fixed, I know I have had help with this once before but cannot remeber how to do it?

I think I need to do something through PayLiabilities window, can anyone help?


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  • Hello LynH987 


    Sorry to see no one has replied to you yet. 

    If you still need some assistance with this please send me a Private Message containing the following: 

    •  Serial Number
    • Company File ID (found under Help > About MYOB)

    I will be able to run a script to resolve the reversal not in PaySuper, I will also attach a Help Article here on reversing and reprocessing superannuation payments.  


    Please let me know how you go.

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      Good morning Chris,

      Thanks for inquiring about my issue with the pay super, I actually created a case for it through my dashboard and have since had it fixed in both files that were affected.

      I'd actually forgotten that I had put the inquiry on to the community forum, must have been too hard for anyone to answer lol.