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2 years ago

Invitation Cant Be Accepted

I have been trying for a few weeks to get my accountant user access. I have reached out to the call center and that  message service. There has been multiple attempts at user details and sending of invites. Alas my accountant is not able to accept the MYOB user Invite.


All the same issues dont have a soloution they only have a guru saying private message me your details.


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  • Hi Anza 


    So we can offer some assistance in getting that user invitation accepted can you give us more information about what is occurring when the user does attempt to accept that invitation? i.e. do they get an error message? If so what is the exact wording and when does it occur? In addition to that, does the user already have an my.MYOB account or they are they trying to set up one as part of that invitation?

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      Hi Steven,


      The user tries to log in and gets a message.


      This Invitation cant be accepted at this time.  Contact the person who sent it.


      Not sure if they have a my.myob. The screen shot looks like they are using the online login details.






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        Hi Anza 


        Having a look at our end, I couldn't see anything that would be potentially blocking the user from accepting that invitation and it looks like they have been able to accept from other parties.

        My recommendation would be to get the user to log into their my.MYOB account first and then try to accept that invitation (ensuring the same browser is used). If they are still unable to accept that invitation, try cancelling it and reinviting that user. If you do need to use this method, ensure that the user clears their cache before trying to accept that invite.