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2 months ago

Account Edge v9.5

Yes I know it’s a dinosaur but have been quite happily using it for years & meets all our very small business requirements. My old desktop iOS 10.6.08 Mac. Would love to upgrade to cloud based software on my iPad but first need to know if my data can be transferred. Currently m6 file is read only as online confirmation no longer works & time spent on the phone to confirm is very frustrating. 

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  • Hi Kazwald,

    Yes you can have the data transferred to cloud based software - may take a few days, and not all data is transferred when MYOB do the migration. However the closest thing to AccountEdge is AccountRight - which you can access via a browser for most things. MYOB  also have other online only products, (Business and Business Pro) these are browser only and very different to AccountEdge and limited functionality. I strongly suggest a trial before you take the plunge.


    Your best option is to keep using AccountEdge - if MYOB can't help with confirmation, get in touch with FGH Tables - they might be able to help. They also have tax tables for all AccountEdge version.