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2 months ago

Emails rejecting from MYOB

Some of our emails are rejcting from MYOB. Mostly its our own email (we send invoices to our email, reports, etc). It just says "rejcted, check user email is correct". How do we fix this? Its a major thing that we need to work as we email invoices and reports every day. 


Also noticed it has rejected some of our customer emails even though they have always been going through before. 


Please help. 

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    Hi Jemar_C 

    thank you for your reply. As I stated above, its happening to our own emails and yes, we have it added, they are not going to spam. I have checked myob sent emails and they have the little astrix mark beside them to say they were not sent. So they aren't in our junk folders if they were not sent.  These include when customers make payments of their invoices, and the receipt gets emailed to us to let us know they paid. These are also not being sent (error)

    This is only a new thing that has only just started happening. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Hi PBTannie,


    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the community forum!


    I apologize for the inconvenience if you are unable to send emails and invoices to your customers as they are being rejected. Depending on the security settings at your customers' end, the emails received may be put in the spam or junk folder. It will also help to have your customers add to their whitelist to make sure the emails are not blocked. If the issue persists, you can send me the email address via private message of the customers who are not able to receive the email, so we can check and assist you further. 


    Feel free to write a post if you still need further assistance.