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2 months ago

End of Month Supplier Statements



I have a few questions about what others do for end of month.


Do you ask your suppliers for statements if they don't automatically send them to you? Is there a report to make this easier? Woud you be happy to share your process?


Does MYOB have a feature that you can upload a statement and it checks invoice numbers against purchases entered? If not, how to you check off statements for big suppliers when trading terms vary between suppliers?


Thank you in advance.

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    Hi KF2


    I get that you're looking for insights from other users' workflows. Right now, there isn't a report that can make this process easier, but the supplier transaction report is the closest we have to help identify your supplier transactions.


    Regarding your other question, there's currently no feature to automatically check invoice numbers against entered purchases. I can see how that would be super useful for mass transaction statements, though. I'd suggest posting this on the Ideas Exchange board for future update consideration.


    Hopefully, another user will share their workflow and help you out.