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2 months ago

Online payments surcharge

I invoiced a customer with gst included.

Customer paid the amount of invoice plus a surcharge.

Total shows in my bank account. All good BUT MYOB bank register shows an ex gst surcharge amount.

How can I reconcile if the surcharge is 2 different amounts?

Is there something wrong in my online payments settings or do I have to create an extra debit amount to balance?


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    Hi CT-56


    Dealing with a surcharge that's showing up as two different amounts in MYOB is quite complex. This might be due to your online payment settings or how the surcharge was applied. To balance things out, you might need to create an extra debit amount or review the invoice charges. See this helpful article about fees and charges for more insights. If you're still unsure, check out our help sites, like or You can use MOCA, our virtual assistant, for immediate help. If MOCA can't assist, you'll be directed to our live chat team. They're here to help you sort this out. Let us know if you need anything else!



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