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5 months ago

Dashboard Purchase History on MYOB Advanced

We have a graph on our dashboard of our purchase history with specific suppliers.

The quantity data is summed up of an inventory item through the puchase receipts screen. In the purchase receipts screen (generic inquiry) it shows both receipts and returns as a positive number showing on our dashboard as receiving more than we actually received.


Example for the month of February
Purchase Receipt: 10

Purchase Return: 5
Dashboard will display 15.

What formula can i input into the generic enquiry so that it will make the returns show up as a negative on Purchase Receipts screen ScreenId=PO3020PL?

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Razor1999 ,

    IN general, Generic Inquiries are a powerful tool, but you may need assistance from your consultant/support partner to be able to leverage them fully.

    Based on this post in the AUG Forums (they've got lots of useful information that applies to Advanced), 

    The basic version is you want an if statement, which is an IIF in the Generic Inquiry writer.

    I think you want something like this: 
    =IIf( [POReceipt.ReceiptType]='RT', 1, -1 )*[POReceipt.OrderQty]

    Note: That's a really quick mock, and if you need support with it you'll need to talk to a consultant.