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8 months ago

Myob file stop showing on the list after power outage

Our MYOB file stopped showing on the listing of files after the power outage. Our file is an offline file, we are using our on-premise server.


MYOB server version: 2023.10

MYOB file version: 2023.10


Tried re-installing the MYOB server, did not fix the issue.

Tried renaming the file and its extension, did not fix the issue.

Tried changing/adding file permission, did not fix the issue.

Tried the data hotfix tool, but the file is not loading on the tool.


Has anyone encountered this issue before? May I know the solution, please?


Thank you!

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  • Hello support-awaste,


    Please provide identifying details of your account:

    What is the company name you are enquiring on behalf of?

    What is your email address?

    Is this enquiry about AccountRight? If so, your message needs to be reposted in the AccountRight section of the Community forum as you have done for all previous posts by this community forum user.