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2 months ago

How to Add Bank Details in Tax Invoice (Sales Invoice)

Hi everyone,



We are currently implementing MYOB Advanced, and during our testing of the sales invoice, we noticed that the bank details are not appearing on the tax invoice. As a result, our customers are unable to make payments due to the missing information.

Could you please advise on how to customize the sales invoice to include the bank details?



Much appreciated!

Best regards,  
Hazel Liu


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  • Hi hazel 

    You will need to add these details via the report writer , though I use a customisation that references a field on the company screen (so the company screen has the bank details , which flow through to the forms)... though report writer is a lot easier and more simple (the customisation may require you to go through a partner)

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      Hi Timsmith, thank you so much for the response. Could you please give me a screenshot of the customisation page? I don;t know how to write the code. Much appreciate. 

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        MYOB Staff

        I would just follow the instructions below, using report writer you can easily do this