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3 months ago

Individual Tax Return

How to I amend an already amended Individual Tax Return in MYOBAO - error 'Return was invalid. Amendment creation failed'.


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  • To amend an already amended Individual Tax Return in MYOB AO and fix the "Return was invalid. Amendment creation failed" error, follow these steps:

    1. **Review Previous Amendments**: Ensure the previous amendments were correctly processed and finalized.
    2. **Check for Validation Errors**: Make sure there are no validation errors in the current return.
    3. **Reset Status**: In some cases, resetting the status of the return to "In Progress" might help.
    4. **Re-enter Amendment Information**: Carefully re-enter the new amendment details.
    5. **Save and Validate**: Save the return and run a validation check before attempting to submit the amendment again.

    If the issue persists, contact MYOB support for further assistance.

  • To amend an already amended Individual Tax Return in MYOB AO, follow these steps:

    1. **Delete the Previous Amendment**: Navigate to the previously amended return and delete it to avoid conflicts.
    2. **Create a New Amendment**: Start a new amendment process for the original return, ensuring all changes are included. 
    3. **Save and Validate**: Save and validate the new amended return carefully to ensure no errors.

    If you continue to encounter the error "Return was invalid. Amendment creation failed," it may be necessary to contact MYOB support for further assistance, as this could be an issue specific to your software version or setup.

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    Hi kmr,


    To correct the situation, you can change the return back to in progress to clear validation errors. Once done, you can now delete amendment return and clear validation errors from the original return and then create amendment return, checked the amd schedules, mark it as lodged and then create the second amendment.


    Feel free to post again anytime if you require further assistance. 
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