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2 months ago

SQL 2019

Problem with SQL 2019 utility tool. When does tech support open today? message says it is  restricted hours today due NZ and WA public holidays. 


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    MYOB Moderator

    Thanks for the reply.


    There could be a couple of possible causes for that.


    1. SQL Server application is currently stopped/not running on the server

      to resolve this, make sure that the "Microsoft SQL Server (MYOBACCT)" is running in the Windows services control panel.

    2. Firewall is preventing access to SQL server from workstations

      It's possible that firewall rules don't exist in your firewall to allow SQL "clients" to connect to the SQL server.  This is a bit trickier to resolve.  Troubleshooting your Firewall product is not really covered by MYOB support as it's environmental. 


    If the Firewall is the cause, then it would require rules to be created in your firewall to allow SQL clients (such as the MYOB application) to be able to "talk" through the firewall rather than being blocked.


    SQL server uses a range of ports, including TCP/UDP ports 1433 and 1434, as well as a "range" of ports used for dynamic ports - this is set inside the SQL application at install, based on your system.


    In order the set the appropriate ports, you'd need to confirm what ports of being used by the SQL server using the SQL Configuration Manager tool - this can be a bit tricky.


    If you are using Windows Defender as your firewall (This is the default firewall product in Windows) , then please reach out to support team.  I've advised them of this post. 


  • I have run the SQL 2019 utility tool per the instruction from MYOB. My Accountants Office application stats up but can't access the database. Displays a message SQL Server Does not exist or access denied.


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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi stevencrisp ,


    Support for the MYOB Practice Solutions team opens at 9am Melbourne time.


    If you can provide some information about the problem you've encountered we may be able to assist before support opens - alternatively, you can call support on 1300 555 117 from 9am (Melbourne time)