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23 days ago

tax return showing as rejected but lodged with ATO

we have had a couple of individual returns lodged and they show as being rejected with error CMN.ATO.IITR.EM0053 - Car Expenses - Total business kilometers (cents per km method only) allowable has been exceeded


The returns are showing as lodged on the ATO portal and neither return has exceeded the motor vehicle claim amount. Just wondering if there is any known fix for this or will we just wait for 2024 tax rollout

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    I noticed the same error message this week. But likewise the ATO has accepted the tax return.
    I saw other accountants on a facebook tax agents group who use different software also mention this error, so I assume it's a tax office problem.

  • Hi Joelene! 

    We are aware of users experiencing rejected returns with the error: CMN.ATO.IITR.EM0053, however if you check the Tax Agent Portal - you will see that the return has actually been received and accepted by the ATO.
    Once you have confirmed this, you can manually update the status of the return to lodged.

    You can do this by opening the tax return, going to Lodgement > Update > IPTCF Forms > Single Return and selecting the status as 'Lodged’.

    If you need assistance please contact support on 1300 555 117.