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2 months ago

Upload excel template for posting

Im under Accounts payable team, therefore there will alot of invoices need to key in and post/record in MYOB. I believe there is a way to make this easy. There are recurring vendors so need to key in the vendors name, date, inv no and amount. So, I thought it would be easy to prepare an excel spread sheet and upload it in MYOB so that its uploaded and posted. But how?? There is a way in SAP, macro template and just upload it in SAP.. the entries are posted. So can this be done in MYOB? Kindly help me...thanks in advance

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    Hi K_1234


    I appreciate your post. MYOB does offer invoice management and automation; however, uploading an Excel spreadsheet for automatic posting, like in SAP, isn't currently available. Consider exploring our MYOB App Marketplace for potential solutions. Also, we appreciate your suggestions, so feel free to share your ideas on our MYOB AccountRight Ideas Exchange Board for consideration. Feel free to ask more questions!



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