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7 months ago

Out of Balance in Calculated Statement Balance Before Start the Business

Even before starting up the business, the MYOB system has been caluctated statement balance as -$44, 595.84.


As a result, reconcile account is showing as out of balance of -$ 44,595.84.


Even after checking the historical data there is no visible opening balance or transactions found in the MYOB (Trail balance and balance sheet have no error)



  • Hi CCC3

    Thanks for following up on your concern. 


    I'm sorry to hear about your issue persisting. I will send you a private message to collect more information to investigate this. 


    In the meantime, feel free to create a new thread if you require any other assistance. 


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      My bank statements won't balance either even though all entries correspond with all entries on MYOB file??? Last statement reconcilled perfectly when I did it, but if I go and check it now it doesn't look like it did? Really strange! Did an update this morning, am wondering if this update is causing problems?


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        Hi CCC3 and Gaisy1,


        Thank you for your post. Please allow me to extend you a warm welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find plenty of information in this forum. 


        Regarding your concern, if  bank reconciliation shows out of balance, we recommend to do a future-dated reconciliation to check if this will resolve the issue in out of balance. If doesn't work, you will need to undo the previous reconciliations were showing the out of balance and then redo the reconciliations. For more information, check out this Help Article: Fixing out-of-balance bank reconciliation.


        Let us know if you need further assistance. We are happy to help. 


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