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2 years ago

Unable to find entered transaction created from Intray

When trying to match bank feed with transactions, the "Find" search does not return any result for the transactions created from the Intray attachment.

I searched the proved bank feed and make sure those transactions are not matched.

And the Find Trasactions can find those transactions properly.


It costs me extra hour to reconcile those for a month-end reconciliation.



  • The stated problem happened again.

    When I created a transaction using the In-tray, it gets ticked in the reconcile window automatically.

    That's why I can't find it in the bank feeds search.


    I've manually untick it in the reconcile window and match it properly now.


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  • Hi Justin-Ryan 


    Using the Find system in AccountRight Desktop for a bank feed is intended to bring up the already recorded bank transaction. So if you are looking at trying to find a Bill transaction you would be looking at needing to manually generate the Pay Bills transactions prior to using that Find function. Alternatively, if that is the situation using the New>>Pay Bills function from the bank transaction would be the way to go. This would allow you to generate that Pay Bills transaction as well as match the transaction.


    If you are using the Spend Money In Tray functionality and/or the transaction is still not appearing then you want to check the following conditions are met to ensure that the transaction is available for a viable match:

    • The transaction needs to be going to the bank account that you have set up as your bank feeds account. 
    • The transaction needs to have a similar date range and amount for that bank feed transaction
    • The transaction must not be reconciled or marked as cleared in the Banking>>Reconcile Accounts window i.e. the transaction is showing for that account and is not ticked.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Our situation is the later one.


      I used the Spend Money In Tray functionality to create a spend money transaction and made sure that

      1. the transaction is created from our bank account

      2. it's not matched with other bank feed. Checked it with the approved bank feed 

      3. it's not reconcile since I had not reconcile the whole month and I'm matching the transaction to reconcile it.

      4. I wider the date ranges and money ranges and the created transactions are still not found.

      5. I even tried the online version and hope it could found those entered transactions to match. Failed


      That's why I want to report it as bug. 

      Will keep an eye if it repeats this month.

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        Hi Justin-Ryan 


        Thanks for raising it, I don't think I've personally come across that situation for Spend Money transactions.

        If it does occur in the future, getting the following screenshots would be ideal:

        • A copy of the transaction (i.e. the Spend Money window showing the transaction)
        • The transaction listed in the Reconcile Accounts window for that account and a suitable statement date
        • The Find window for that bank transactions window