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2 months ago

Calendar Year Financial Year

We are a non-profit sporting body currently using Accountright Plus 19.16.1 with the financial year set to January to December as this is the financial year set in our constitution and we are are required to report on this annual basis to Qld Office of Fair Trading.


There are many features in Accountright that we do not use so considering  a downgrade to Business.


Can Business use a non-standard financial year and generate reports accordingly?

If so can our existing Accountright data file be imported into Business?



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  • Hi qldbridge,


    You are considering going from AccountRight Plus v19.16.1 (generally a non paying product) to Business (a subscription product) to save money?


    Are you sure you are using v19.16.1? If so what are you currently paying?


    MYOB stopped supporting this product back in 2019, curious why you might still be paying a subscription!