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2 years ago

Adjusting row widths in MYOB Business online

Just trying to move over from MYOB Accoutright Premier  (AR) which have been using for 22 years plus to the online MYOB Business (MB). Would like to setup template quotes in MB that can be used similar to how I always did in AR. Never did one quote for each client, just used a template quote which was adjusted to suit each new client and had items in where amounts of items could be adjusted for each new quote. 

Problem I find in MB is that row width of Item ID does not show full field of text (truncated) so hard to see what the item is unless you open the item using the drop down arrow beside item to check exactly what it is. Thought full description would display if you hovered your mounse pointer over the item but NO. 

So, my question is, can the row widths that are displayed in MB be adjusted to allow the whole Item ID field description to be displayed?


Seems to allow you to adjust row height by using grip in bottom Right-Hand corner but cannot find grip for adjusting width of row?


Has anyone found a way to adjust this, please help


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  • Did you get anywhere with this?  Also something I need an answer too!

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      Hi RogerB1 and LEN13 

      Sorry to see that no one has replied yet. This has been raised with our teams for investigation, at the moment we don't have any information on when this will be resolved. 


      Please feel free to post again if you have any further feedback or suggestions.

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