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2 years ago

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I am UNSW student.


I tried to login and I tried refreshing many times.


But I failed to log in always.


Please help me.

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  • I am UNSW Student and my e mail address is z5427564.

    I tried log in and I tried refreshing my browser many times, but I always failed login.

    I received the above message every time.


    How can I do next?

    I need to lod in and to finish my assignment.

    Please help me.

  • Hello z5427564 


    Welcome to the Community Forum.


    Generally, this log-in error happens on a MAC, would you happen to be using a MAC when logging in? If you are will need to upgrade to OS 10.12.x.

    As a note, you should not upgrade to OS 10.15.x “Catalina” (or above) as this will affect any AccountEdge software you have installed, as well as any 32-bit applications, preventing these applications from working as expected.



    If using a Windows-based PC log-in, can you please try logging in from another browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and also try clearing your browser cache. 


    Please let me know how you go.


    If my response has answered your inquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users to find this information.