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2 years ago

Subscription Update

Very disappointing. Trying to work with a system Ive already paid for and cannot continue with my business unless i accept the t&cs for updated subscription. Not sure about other businesses I feel I have been working and paying while MYOB update this service. I have had reports not showing. Invoices duplicating. Unable to round up 0.01 on invoices. Overall very bad service since October 2022. Anyone else having issues

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    Absolutely disgusted !! The "update" has been horrendous, the price rises have been regular and now, for our business with the extra payroll rort it is about to go up to $83.50/ month from about $65 AND I cannot do another thing until I agree to the T & C's. No warning what so ever.


    These people are the pits !!!


    Now that they have decided to charge per employee I am most likely going to change my book keeping provider because that is the only thing that has kept me with MYOB.



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      I absolutely agree with you. I just got the email. This is going to cost much much more than the current $65 if you have several employees. 

      I love how they try to market this as something positive. It's a complete scam. I'll be looking at other companies now for my business accounting services.

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        Do it.


        I changed to much easier, and way more accurate with the accounts reports.

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    I can't even log in to my account and these bastards are still taking my money.


    Best move I ever made was to change to XERO.