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2 months ago

Reversed Pay in MYOB - STP not matching

I reversed an extra payrun in MYOB after processsing it.. which worked fine as MYOB showed "Reversed pay" status against the line in payrun history and next line was created with reversed negative amount. 


Problem is when doing BAS, ato portal showed total that still includes the that reversed pay (and tax witholding)... 


Does reversing pay in MYOB not do the same on ato side? and how are you supposed to reverse a pay ato side if that's the case. 


Secondly, can you lodge a BAS with figures (pay/tax withholding) that do not match the stp data submitted? I recall seeing a red error/warning msg saying something like your entry does not match the STP reported etc etc. but can't recall if there was an option to still submit (with your own correct numbers)?




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  • I have just come across the same problem.  I reversed a pay on the same day and when I checked ATO the Reversal line is in there but zero amounts which should be negative amount.  Myob stp report is showing correctly and my reports are correct but ATO is not.  Can MYOB please explain.

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      I asked around and got some assistance so sharing in case helps you out too. When we checked the YTD pay of that particular employee in ATO portal - the total paid salary was correct (i.e. it did not include the reversed pay via MYOB). So all good there. 

      But the BAS prefilled numbers at ATO did still show the total amount including the extra pay. I was told to simply change those prefilled amount to what the actual pay was (i.e. excluding the reversed pay). 

      And all good from there to continue.