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6 months ago

Dashboard Real Time Sales Reports graph monthly

It would be really helpful to see real time sales report in the dashboard so you can see how business is tracking immediately. At the moment I need to keep changing my accounting method to accrual in order to see how many invoices I have sent out in the month and then switch it back again to cash. This is not ideal or efficient. My concept is an additional graph on the dashboard like the existing Income graph that can be changed to "this month", last 3 months" and "last 6 months" for Real Time Sales Reporting.

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    Hi easyfix,


    Thanks for your post.


    My apologies for the late response. Thank you for your suggestion. I understand how a real-time sales report on the dashboard could be beneficial for tracking business progress. Currently, MYOB Financial Reporting Software does offer real-time financial reporting, which includes sales reports. These reports can be customized to suit your business needs, and you can set a specific date range to focus on data from a particular period. However, I understand that your concept is to have an additional graph on the dashboard that can be changed to "this month," "last 3 months," and "last 6 months" for real-time sales reporting. As of now, there are no discussions or documents related to the implementation of this specific feature.


    Regarding the issue of switching accounting methods between accrual and cash, accrual and cash accounting are both valid options, and each has its pros and cons. The primary difference can be seen when revenue and expenses are recorded in your ledger immediately or when the transaction clears and money leaves or enters your account. However, I understand that constantly switching between these methods can be inefficient. I recommend you share your suggestions with MYOB Business/Essentials Ideas for feature enhancements and updates. They always welcome feedback and ideas for improving the software.


    Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.


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