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21 days ago

Invoicing refundable bonds


I want to create an invoice with 2 items - property income for renting out a space for events and a refundable bond which is returned after the end of the event if the space is left in a good condition. Creating the invoice is not a problem, however when I match the bank transactions to the invoice, it allocates random amounts to the bond deposit liability account and the property income account. How do I split the allocations correctly?

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  • The only account that should be affected is the GST a/c only, no other.

    Definitely a glitch in the system, which will cause a lot of headaches.


  • I had the same problem.

    There is something wrong with the system. If you allocate an amount to an account, that amount should not change when payment is made.

    I found that the item Bond/Bond returned. I had to set it up as I buy and sell with the same liability account no.

    It was the only way I found it worked, and the liability account was correct.

    To refund the bond, I had to create a bill for electronic payment. Credit sales would not let me make payment by electronic payment, which sucks. You won't need to create a bill if you are not using electronic payments.

    We make all our payments via Electronic payments once weekly, with less chance of error.

    This is just one of many problems with this program.


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      Hi colleenWatson,


      Thank you for sharing your experience! Setting up Bond/bond returned as buy and sell with the same liability account seems like a creative workaround. This will surely benefit other users who'll encounter the same issue. Feel free to share or post again if you have ideas or if you need further assistance.




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    Hi oyarlett


    I noticed you're having trouble getting the payment values right. Typically, the allocation in the payment is based on what's specified in the invoice. I suggest double-checking the invoice to ensure the amounts are correctly divided between the two line items.


    If you're still facing issues after verifying this, you can use our virtual assistant, MOCA, on our website, or request support through my account at MOCA can guide you, and if needed, you'll be transferred to our live chat team automatically.


    Feel free to start a new thread if you have any other questions.