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2 years ago

can't see client's files after accept invation


A client has emailed me an invitation to access her MYOB AccountRight. When I click on Accept Invitation I am sent to my login page. Once l log in to MYOB Practice, I can not see this client's files.

I did some research and some people reported a 24 hours wait. Should I wait for 24 hours or is there any other way to fix that?



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    It should only take a few minutes to appear on the dashboard. 


    It would be worth logging in to your page, and check in Manage Online File Access to make sure your login has permission to access the file. If the user login hasnt been given permission, then you wont see the file on the dashbaord until you tick the box for the relevant user to have permission on the file. 

    This is important if you receive invitations to one email address, and log into the file with another email address, or other users need to access the file. Only the email address that received the invitation gets permission by default.