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2 years ago

Employee moving from fixed term to permanent Contract

We have an employee who is about to finish a 6 month fixed term contract.  We will be transitioning this staff member to a permanent contract and I am wondering how best to do this?  Mindful we need to deal with the holiday pay which has been 'pay as you go' processed.  If anyone has any experience/ can provide some insight it would be much appreciated.  We are NZ based.

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  • Hi Hlp4


    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forum ! Our Help Article Changing an employee's salary or hourly rate has information and instructions on what you'll need to do/check under FAQ How do I change an employee from full time, part time or casual ?  Although as there may be different rules around this you may need to speak to your accountant or Employment New Zealand. 


    That said,  I'm hopeful that other members of this Community might be able to share their experience with this. 


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