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3 months ago

Paying Annual Leave after Parental Leave



I am using MYOB Payroll 2024.1 - for NZ Payroll.


I have an employee who took 12 months of parental leave, and six months after returning to work she wishes to take some annual leave, of which was accrued and became annual leave whilst she was on parental leave. For clarity when she went on parental leave she had no annual leave owing to her, and some accrued (which turned into annual leave owing on her anniversary date whilst she was on parental leave).


I understand that any annual leave accrued whilst on parental leave gets paid out using the AWE for the 12 months immediately before the annual leave is taken.


I have tried using this support note ( to process the annual leave in the above mentioned situation. I am able to follow the instructions right up to selecting the option to "Use Average Weekly Pay". I am able to select this, however when I do so this still calculates Average Weekly Pay based on the past 4 weeks, rather than the past 52 weeks as required by NZ legislation in this situation. How do I override the 4 weeks so that it calculates the Average Weekly Pay over 52 weeks?


I apologize if this has been asked on another post, I tried searching for relevant posts, but the only one I found was from 2-3 years ago and whilst it didn't appear to have a complete solution the replies have been closed.


Thanks in advance,


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    Hi GemGem 

    I think this is a manual calculation these days, as the calculation in MYOB broke a couple of years back.

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      Hi jenniek 


      I actually didn't realize that I can override the AL rate when inputting the pay details, and that's where my issue was coming from. I'd already worked out the rate manually but I thought I had to use an MYOB calculation in the Enter Pays screen, and I couldn't find anywhere to do the 52 week override. I thought I'd tried overriding the AL rate in the Enter Pays screen and it wouldn't let me do it. But I tried again this morning and I can change it. Now that I know that I will be able to enter the rate fine.

      Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.