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2 months ago

ETP Death Benefit

When paying a deceased employees entitlements to the Trustee of his estate, what are the MYOB categories that I put these payments against??

If I put it as a payroll category it will cause the EOFY with STP reporting to not balance, as I believe the payment of entitlements to a Trust for a deceased employee, is 'non-reportable' and  excluded from payment summary.

And, do I over ride the 'Employers wage Expense account' , so that it doesn't show up on the EOFY figures??


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    Hi cramptons


    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your employee. Regarding your concern about the categories to put against each payment, I'm afraid I am not allowed to provide any financial advice especially which category to use. But no worries, I have provided here a link that will guide you. I also recommend speaking to your accountant for more information. If there's anything you need assistance with, feel free to create a post again.


    Best regards,


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      Can you possibly tell me if Leave Loading is payable on the accrued AL that is owing,  folowing the death of employee??