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2 months ago

New Tax Tables effective 1 July 24

When will the updated tax tables be available in Account Right?  I have a pay to run on 1 July 24.

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  • I found a link somewhere which stated, do a pay run in the new financial year & it will automatically update & apply the new rates.

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      Thank you Angela, that did work. 

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      Thank you, you would think they would update prior to the first payrun.   I will start it and see what happens.  

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    Hi Paulinepan


    I know how important it is to have the tax tables updated. Gladly, tax tables have been automatically updated and will apply for pays dated July 1, 2024 onwards. This means they should be available for your pay run on the 1st of July. Please ensure your software is updated to access these changes. See this helpful article about MYOB Business Release Notes for detailed updates. Feel free to start a new post if you have any other queries. We're here to help.





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      Hi Shella_A - can you please confirm that MYOB Payroll 2024.1 will have the new NZ tax thresholds automatically changed?

      Many thanks, Richard

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      I have logged into MYOB and updated as instructed however my Tax Table Date is still showing as 1/07/2023 - how to update this table as i need to do a payrun?

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      Hi Stella

      Does this apply to MYOB Business?