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2 years ago

BAS requires company file user ID to login

I was going to loge BAS for the Oct - Dec 2022 quarter, but when I click Prepare BAS/IAS this message pop up "You’ve just signed in with your my.MYOB login – now you need to sign on to your company file. Use the company file user ID and password that you use in AccountRight to sign on to this company file."


Ask me to log in with user ID and Password. I have tried everything but just did not work.

I loged previous BAS on 21 Feb 2023, it was all good. I didn't change anything in regard of MYOB account.

Can anyone help with this problem? 

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    Hi JesseTang 


    Sorry to see that no one has offered assistance with your query. Can you try clearing the cache and then try logging in again?


    If that does not resolve the error would you be able to reply with the last 4 digits of your serial number and a screenshot of the error message?


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      This has happened to me this morning too.  I've had no problem lodging BAS in the past and now it's asking for this additional information.  I've tried clearing the cache and it made no difference.


      The last 4 digits of my serial number are 6295.   Screenshot attached.


      Since our last BAS, we tried Business Pro (online), when we normally use the desktop app.  We went back to AccountRight on the desktop and cancelled Pro.  MYOB also did an auto update this morning to version 2023.6.1.4.  Not sure if either of these have something to do with it.