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11 months ago

MYOB Practice - Business Activity Statements

We have uploaded a client's Business Activity Statement via MYOB Online to the clients email address however the client has now changed employees on who need to approve the BAS.


We have added in the new staff members email address for full access to allow for the approval, however we cannot see where we can send an reminder or forward the already sent BAS to the new staff member for approval, as the reminder only goes to the previous persons email.

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  • Hey BMPB 


    Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the Community Forum! 


    At the moment you aren't able to change the staff member that a portal task is assigned to. To fix this up you will need to go back into your client's activity statement and send it for rework. This will delete the current portal task assigned to the wrong staff member. Then, you can go through the approval workflow and send the activity statement off again, assigning the task to the correct staff member. 


    We hope this helps!