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  • Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your feedback and your patience in regards to this topic.

    I’m pleased to announce that the AccountRight 2021.5.2 version has been made available and does include a remedy for this particular situation. PC Edition users should receive an in-product prompt to install this new version upon opening.

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  • Yes I second this, it is most annoying, there has to be another option other then telling the printer just to print page 1 as I print bulk invoices at once and some go over to the 2nd page.

  • Our buisness accounting firm is reccomending to it's clients including us to change to Xero. We will be inverstigating options this weekend.

    There are too many issues occuring in MYOB now.

    No fix for the last backed up date 580 days ago and going up every day?? They say just put up with it?

    No off line file anymore.

    No fix for the cost being imposed on us by the increase in printing costs of wasted ink & paper.

    We are now environmental vandals caused by MYOB .

    Work it out over a year and MYOB software is getting too expensive while becomming an inferior product. They appear to not care or be able to fix their product, Are our files actually safe? How many other errors dont we get told about? And yes we have been with MYOB for 22 years.

  • Adding my voice as to this issue as well to try and get things resolved soon, it's a waste of paper, time consuming and extremely frustrating.


    On top of this its end of Month next week, which is an extremely busy time as it is let alone with this issue.

  • Hi JAL207


    Thank you for your post. This issue has been raised with our product teams who are currently investigating, at the moment I don't have any updates on this. As soon as I do I will get back to you. 


    Do let us know if you have any further questions. 


    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.

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      I have this problem too.


      The second page of a printed invoice adds the "online payment" details. I cannot format or edit this.


      The only way to disable this is to untick "Online payments" every time on each invoice, however this is not a satisfactory "solution".


      Look forward to a resolution to this annoyance.

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        It's probably too late for today however until the issue is fixed the best option is to print the invoices from the "Print/Email Invoices" from the "Sales" Tab of the main Command Centre page.

        You just need to choose the appropriate settings under "Advanced Filters" to ensure the invoices you wish to print appear in the "To Be printed" page.

        Double check your Date range

        untick "Unprinted or Unsent Sales Only" if you have already printed the invoices.

        Choosing the correct Form type etc...

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      Yes, I would like to know too, its only just with this recent update, its a huge waste of paper and ink. Fair enough for an online invoice but not necessary for Accountright user. 

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      Hi Everyone

      Thank you for your feedback on this topic.


      At this time, we don't have any further information that we can supply with respect to the second-page printing of invoices. Having said that, we have registered that those users that have commented on this thread (and will do in the future) are impacted by this situation. This aids us in the escalation process with the required team so that they see the impact and demand of this situation.


      When we have additional available we will be making that available. Although, we do understand the frustration of that second page and appreciate the time users have taken to post their feedback on this Forum.

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        Hi Steven_M 

        How do I register my request a credit for this month's subscription payment? and each month until it's fixed.

        We didn't ask for the update and don't want updates with BUGS like this.

        If MYOB is going to force updates on your customers, then you need to fix with the highest priority any bugs introduced in those new updates.

        Before you suggest printing invoices from the Print/Email Invoices screen, the extra time (as per the previous post) makes things even worse especially when we are busy. I would waste some much time during the day.  Its takes approx 20 seconds to bring up the list of invoices, can then take 5-10 seconds to find the invoices.
        Needs to be ticked, then Click Print then go back into the Enter Sales Screen.  All up that's 30-45 seconds wasted per sale, we are talking about 50-60 minutes per day.    Even at a basic cost to the business that's $40-50 per day is wasted.

        MYOB you need to see the big picture here are stop your half-finished new features impacting your customers.

        It appears the change was part of a bigger change for the browser version of the software that MYOB doesn't want to reverse. It now makes sense why MYOB changed the subscription to be one for live services only.

        MYOB just doesn't care about the desktop version of the software anymore. :(

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    I am having the same issue and it has wasted a heap of paper and ink. Please fix ASAP

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    Yes, we also have the same problem! Prints on packing slips and invoices! Such a waste of ink and paper!!!!! Please get it stopped! 

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      Same issue over here too! Annoying !!! And waste of ink which isn't cheap on our printer..

  • This is extremly frustrating and not to mention a complete waste of paper. Please fix ASAP.

  • This is totally frustrating, I can only assume it was added to try and get more CC payments and hence fees.  We dont accept CC payments full stop but even with the box unchecked they are still added to the payment option second page.

    • Please look at some compensation for the wasted ink and paper 

      I have multiple clients in this situation