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2 years ago

Importing text file



I am trying to update the selling price of some of our items using the export/import method.

I managed to do it successfully on a back up version of our MYOB file. But when I tried to do the same thing in our on-line file I received the error messages below.

There were only a couple of -1015 errors which I can sort out. The 240 errors appear to have worked when I manually check a few of them. So I am not sure what this error message means. 

How do I find out which 4 records were skipped?

Any help will be appreciated.

25 records imported without errors.

329 records imported with warnings.
4 records skipped.

Summary of errors
Error -1015: The ItemName must be specified.
Warning 240: Price Level A, Quantity Break 1 not equal to Base Selling Price; Bases Selling Price substituted.

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    2 years ago

    Thank you, Genreve, for that article about the import error log.


    I have checked the format of what I am trying to import and will try again. 




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    Hi Learoy


    Thanks for reaching out. 


    The logs of the import would be able to provide information on which items were skipped. May I get a screenshot of the import log? 


    We are looking forward to your reply. 





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        Hi Learoy,


        Thanks for responding. 


        In the error log, there is the warning 240 which was recorded still but with a warning for 329 records. There is also an error is -1015 for 4 records that were skipped. In the error log you could scroll down and find those records with the heading -1015, those are the ones that are skipped and could be corrected for the import file to have no issues. 


        Here is a help article Import error log to help you understand the import file. 


        Let me know if you require further assistance with this. I'm happy to assist you. 


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