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9 months ago

Please advise me how to choose "BUILD" or "BUY" option...!

Hi All,


When I create an invoice with insufficient  on-hand item quantity, MYOB does not allow me to choose "BUILD" or "BUY" option, (it chooses the option "BACKORDER" as default).


Please advise me how to choose the option "Build" or "Buy".


Thank you very much.



  • Hi KennyLE,

    I'd like to inquire if you're still experiencing this issue. If you are, please don't hesitate to post again; we're here to assist you.

    Additionally, thank you, gavin12345, for providing the solution


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    Hi KennyLE


    Thanks for posting to the forum. 


    I'm sorry to hear about your issue with inventory items. Generally, the option to build or buy the item appears when we create an invoice that does not have enough on-hand stock. In your situation, you have enough on-hand stocks for the item but still, the invoice is asking you to backorder the items. 


    May I collect screenshots that point out the issue (item on hand quantities, error message, prompts after creating the invoice)? 


    We look forward to your response. 




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      Hi KennyLE  and Genreve_S 


      Polite suggestion to both of you - read the information provided. KennyLE the information provided on the MYOB screen should explain to you why there is only one option available. Genreve_S - read actual issue raised in the post.




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        Hi gavin12345


        Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. 


        We use a different tool to see the posts from the forum and there are times when screenshots do not appear in the tool. I see this as an great opportunity to improve, I will open the post directly from the forum before responding next time.