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11 months ago

End of year payroll reporting

I need help!


During May my employer changed software from MYOB essentials to MYOB accountright.  The STP reporting wasn't set up properly at the time.  I have now set it up with the same BMSID as was in Essentials but when I do the EOY finalisation it is only showing the payroll since changing software.  When changing software they only added the employees who were currently employed (not the ones who had resigned/left) but even with the employees that were in both softwares only the pays have reported for the new software.  The pays on the previous software were reported correctly to the ATO.


How do I fix this?

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  • Hi lisa68 


    These issues are notoriously difficult to fix. MYOB's Payroll Reporting Centre is very 'inflexible'. 


    The best advice I can give you is if you have not yet processed payroll in July 2023 - don't! Not until this issue is solved. Processing pay in July makes fixing BMD IS issues in 2023 impossible using MYOB.


    You can't set your own BMS ID - this is set by MYOB and can only be viewed in the ATO portal or on the final employee's income statement. This is different to the SSID which is shown under ATO settings in the Payroll Reporting Centre.


    The Payroll Reporting Centre will not normally show reports lodged by both Essentials and AccountRight. MYOB staff might be able to fix this for you. 


    If you are using Phase 2, removing termination details for employee who left in 2022/23 and then sending an Update Event should include ALL employees and correct all YTD as per the MYOB file. You could then re-enter the termination details and Finalise all employees if the figures are correct.


    If the YTD details from the Essentials period were transferred to AccountRight, this would have caused duplication. The ATO treats each BMS ID as a separate payroll system. You would need to notify the ATO of the Previous BMS ID, this will allow the ATO to remove the original Essentials income statements. 


    With MYOB, this can only be done when 'migrating' to Phase 2, or by setting up for Phase 2 again. However due to MYOB's inflexible design, the Previous BMS ID will be reported for the current payroll year as in MYOB, which will be 2024 if you have processed pay in July. The ATO will reject this notification as it needs to be sent for the 2023 year.


    If the Essentials YTD were not transferred to AccountRight, then is is just a case of working out how to Finalise the Essentials payroll. MYOB may allow you to still access this. If not, it will need to be finalised using different software such as STP Creator. This software is designed to be more flexible than MYOB as far as STP reporting goes, and can be handle fixing these sort of issues.


    You have a complicated issue to deal with and might need to get competent guidance. If competent MYOB staff cannot help you, I can put you in contact with someone experienced in this very thing. It would not be a free service, though it might save some stress.




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      Thanks Gavin


      I have sorted out the BMSID issue with the ATO for 2022/23 although it is not reporting 2023/24 but thats a problem for a later date!!


      I am speaking with a MYOB consultant at the moment - not sure yet if she is competant - but it looks like I'll have to migrate the payroll/employee information from the old software to the new software which was not done at the time.  Only the current employees was set up again in the new software.


      Hopefully it will get sorted today!

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      I set up the terminated employees in the old software.  I completed a pay run as at 30.6.23 for their final pay.  I also done a pay run for the amount of pay that did not carry over to the new MYOB for the current employees although I used the same BMSID.  It seemed to work and I was able to finalise the STP with the correct figures.


      The problem I now have is that the current 2023/24 payroll is not reporting to the ATO due to the fact that I have set MYOB up to use the 2022/23 BMSID!!  Do you know how I can change this?  I don't really want to have to call MYOB support again as it took me an hour to get through this morning and after a while we got cut off and she didn't call back although she had my number in case that happened!




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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi lisa68 

        To update this information to the ATO,  you will need to run a $0.00 payrun this will update the employees year to date figures in the Payroll reporting centre. Can I also ask if you already setup the Pay super? : Set up Pay Super


        Please do let us know how you go on this.