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6 months ago

Entering processed payroll into new AccountRight for STP



Payroll has already been processed YTD in an older version that does not report for STP. How do I enter YTD payroll figures into AccountRight ensuring all balances & accounts are correct and then report for STP. Previous financial year was brought in through processing YTD figures in payroll and then not creating a bank file. 



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  • Hi myobnewbie24,


    Thank you for your post. I'd like to extend you a warm welcome to the Community forum. I hope you find it a valuable resource.


    To provide you with accurate guidance, could you please clarify the payroll year you need to report and whether you used the same software for your payroll? The process of entering YTD payroll figures into AccountRight and reporting for STP depends on whether you've already reported to the ATO and what payroll year you need to report.


    If your payroll hasn't been reported to the ATO, you can manually enter and process pay to report it to the ATO via STP reporting. However, if you've already reported to the ATO, please note that only payments processed after STP has been set up can be reported through STP.


    Please let me know if you require further assistance with this. I'm happy to help.