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5 months ago

EOFY Verification, Payroll Summary Matches - ATO have missing payruns and populated BAS differently


When I went to December BAS to submit figures, the pre-populated figures did not match my Payroll Summary, My Payroll Register or my YTD Verification Report - which all agree.

My first question is - where do the figures come from in the YTD Verification Report - the ATO or direct from MYOB?


I have been told that provided my YTD Verification Report agrees with my Payroll reports - not to worry.


This seems odd as the ATO appear to be expecting figures different to these and I have identified which payruns are not showing in the ATO portal.


I have identified the 2 x single pay runs that do not show in my ATO portal - one a reversal and one the re-done pay for the same person in the same period.  This accounts for the different in the PAYG and Gross between the BAS statements' suggested figures and mine.


Are you able to walk me through how to resolve this and comment on the sentence in blue above?

Much appreciated.




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    Hi JayP2P


    Thank you for posting your concern in the forum.


    Apologies for the delay in responding. To address your first query, the YTD verification report is pulled up from your MYOB file, specifically the pay run register report. Yes, it is indeed correct that if your YTD verification report agrees with your payroll report, then this means that you don't have to worry about your STP EOFY finalization.


    However, it's true that the reversal is not included in the BAS autofill data. It's a known issue for reversed and reprocessed pay runs. If it's shown as $0 gross on STP reporting for that specific pay run, it indicates that it was submitted as an update event and not a pay event. You can reverse the pay run, reprocess it, and ensure to select a new pay event so that the amount will appear on STP reports.


    If STP reports are showing gross wages for the reprocessed pay run, you can send an update event and wait for 72 hours to see if it will automatically populate on their BAS reports. If the issue continues after implementing these solutions, you can manually input the W1 and W2 fields in the BAS reports for this period in the meantime.


    Let us know if you require any further assistance with this. We're happy to help.