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5 years ago

Error When Completing MYOB Super Portal Registration

I keep getting an error when completing the Super portal registration. It allows me to complete the form and shows the error (see picture) at the last step.


  • Hi Gayathri ,


    Fyi this has been solved today with the help of a Partner Support team member.

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  • Hi DevP,


    Thank you for the post!


    Typically, that error message occurs when you are trying to set up Pay Super when you're logged in with the wrong credentials (e.g. when the user details you logged in with doesn't have access to set Pay Super up). I would recommend taking a look at Cannot Sign up to Pay Superannuation  for more information.

    I have also checked your account with the email address you signed in to the forum and I see that you don't have a active subscription that can also be one of the reasons.


    Thank you.

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      Hi Gayathri ,


      The process is giving same error when using credentials of Online Administrator and Owner on (both) MYOB AccountRight desktop and


      My subscriptions are on company email address.



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        Hi DevP,


        Thank you for the post!


        Could you send me the serial number through private message and I can check that for you.

        Here is a link that will take you to your private messages- Private Messages . You can send us a private message here.


        Thank you.