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2 years ago

re payroll category error

Hi there - during the last fortnight pay run - a relatively new employee who had only started a couple of weeks prior to that, was given Time off in Lieu.  This payroll cateregory has already been set up and running well for other employees.  The decision to give the employee TOIL occured as we were processing the payroll.  So, I added it on the fly thru the dropdown menu using the Time in Lieu Taken catergory, noted that 1.75hrs were taken (paid) and everything seemd to process OK.  

After the pay was processed, I checked the set up of the TOIL and made sure the Accrual Category was also correct.

I have since processed another pay run last week, where the employee accrued TOIL and that too was fine.  However, I did notice that the Accrual category only showed the TOIL that was accrued - it hadn't taken off the TOIL Take from the pay before.  I've not had chance until today to look at it more closely.

Today I went back thru the wages journal and opend the transaction with the original TOIL Taken - an error message comes up on MYOB to say the wages category is missing.  The pay that was run last week was fine, but the entitlements is only still showing the TOIL Accrued, not the taken.

My thought was to delete the original pay, and re process that week.  But it wont let me because The Payroll Category is missing (!).  

What do I need to do with this?  I have for now processed a manual adjustment against the TOIL balance so that it at least shows the correct balance.

If someone could please advise.  Thank you :)

  • Hi Feebie 


    Thanks for sharing what you've tried so far. It could be help to others experiencing this. But if you do need any help with the software, please feel free to reach out. 


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    Hi Feebie 


    Thank you for posting.

    You would need to check how the Time in Lieu category is created. There should be an Entitlement Category and two Wages Category: Time in Lieu Earned and Time in Lieu Taken. When the employee takes the time off, you will enter the hours in the Time in Lieu Taken and the base hourly amount will automatically reduce based on the number of hours entered.

    The best way to check is for you to get an Entitlement Balance Summary report. Go to Reports menu > Index to Reports > Payroll tab > Entitlements group > Balance Summary. This would show you the Hours Accrued and Taken. This Help Article, Time in Lieu, has all the details you need and can be used as a helpful guide.

    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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      Hi Sean

      Thanks for the reply, but the issue is not with the way the TOIL is set up.  TOIL was set up at least a year or more ago for other employees - and works fine.

      The problem is, when I was in the process of doing the new employee's pay, I had advised the practice manager that the employee had gone under the hours that they were supposed to be working - that's when I was asked to put it in as Time off in Lieu taken.  As this new employee hadn't previously been "added" to TOIL when we set up their employee card, while I was processing the pay, I used the drop down "add category" added the Time off in Lieu taken, and paid the 1.75 hours that way.  No error message came up at the time of processing - everything seemed fine.  It wasn't until the following fornight, when I processed that employee again - and this time for TOIL earnt.  When I checked the balance of the Entitlements - only the TOIL Earnt was showing .- not the previous time taken

      When I went back to the transaction thru the wages journal and opened it up - thats when the error message appeared.  That's when I realised that the original TOIL taken did not record properly.  I thought to delete the pay and redo it, but MYOB wouldn't let me delete it  (see the story from my original post).

      So - I have changed the balance to be correct, but wasn't sure if I needed to do anything with the original pay that had the error message on it.

      Thanks :)

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        Hi Feebie 


        If you did a manual adjustment already it should update right away on ATO's side once you make another Pay Run or you can do a void pay to update any changes that you've made. A reason why you weren't able to delete the pay is because it has been sent to the ATO already and the only option is to reverse. Moving forward, I suggest that if you need to make changes, it is better to either delete or reverse a pay. If you need a guide on deleting or reversing a pay, here's a Help Article on Changing a recorded pay.