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12 months ago

Salary Packaging



We have a terminated employee who has received a salary packaging (this is used for expenses), but this amount doesn't show in the summary of payments from EOFY finalisation. Should this be listed under reportable fringe benefits amount. 


Her PAYG withholding and Super amounts in Payroll Advice also don't match the amounts in the EOFY finaliation. 


Just wondering how we can fix this issue ?


Thank you



  • If you are using the PC version you go into Payroll > Paytroll Reporting > Payroll Reporting Centre and once on the screen you will see a green button in the top left of the screen with the words "Send Update Event"


    If you click the button it will send your current payroll balances through to the ATO.



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      Thank you for the reply

      Also, her super & payg amount in EOFY finalisation only take up to end of Apr 23. so, missing her 2 last payslips. just wondering how we can update / include the last 2 payments.


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        Is her Gross for May and June included in the FY23 total. ie are two pays missing or just the tax & super.


        If its two pays I would start and check that the pays are recorded correctly in MYOB and that the dates are within the current financial year. If thats correct then it sounds like the data hasn't been pushed across to the ATO. 


        In that case I'd check if the status of the payruns in STP that they have all been transmitted ok. 


        If MYOB is ok I'd Send an Update Event to the ATO which will update the ATO records with your current data and then check if the reports are correct.

  • Hi Legion 


    Thank you for your post.


    I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to provide detailed instructions to send an update event. This is a great help for other users.