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2 years ago

Tax File Number Declaration

My understanding is that if we are using STP phase 2 we dont need to forward Tax File Number Declaration to the ATO.


Does this only happen if a new employee does the onboarding part through MYOB? or will it just happen through payroll etc.?


We have a few new employees but we dont use the new employee onboarding through MYOB.  So im just wondering if we still dont have to send them the hard copy completed forms? 



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  • Hi JessS 


    You will need to get a TFN Declaration from the employee, you can do this manually or via MYOB's onboarding feature. 


    Each time you report using STP Phase 2, all the relevant information from the TFN Declaration is sent to the ATO (whether you use MYOB's Onboarding feature or not). MYOB will use the setting you have set for this employee, eg TFN, Fulltime, tax table linked (resident, claiming threshold and whether has HELP debt) etc.




  • Hi JessS


    Thanks for your post. Under STP Phase 2, when a new employee starts working for you, you won't have to send the ATO a tax file number declaration. Instead, this is sent to the ATO when you report the employee's first pay run via STP reporting. 


    More information on this is available on our Help Article Getting ready for STP Phase 2


    Do let me know if you have any further questions.