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10 years ago

Report: Banking transactions that are not coded

It would be useful to be able to download the unallocated transactions to a PDF so that a list could be sent to the client.

Especially if you have transactions that the client needs to get/give more information on for the allocation to be completed.

it would be the quickest way to let them know what it is that is missing.

Thank you


"Bank Account Transactions"


  • The area of report generation needs to be looked at. I just had a client upset that the BAS Q1 uncoded report given to her was missing the last half of September and she had to write out the missing transactions by hand. I had run the report without realising that I needed to scroll down through the whole transaction list first, this is a gross lack of efficiency, surely the system can be made to capture all transactions in one go, after all thats why you place a tick box at the top of the page. A full list is captured when a general ledger report is generated without having to confirm all transactions first so make this happen on the bank transaction page.


    I just read the article in accountantsdaily bragging of MYOB's confidence against Xero, if I run an uncoded report in Xero I get ALL of my information in one go, maybe MYOB should take a leaf out of Xero's book.


    Kevin Ashworth 

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      Good luck in being able to run an "uncoded report" from MYOB Connected Ledger/Essentila - whatever it is cslled this week at all. MYOB should have a help screen lining up all of the rerports you used to be able to get in Banklink and how to get them in connected ledger/essentials. The uncoded entries report (to be sent to "old" type clients) was very useful in Banklink. It is not under the Reports section in mYOB. Have spent 5 minutes looking for it, still cannot work out how to do it and this is how I got to this page. There is a way to do it . I have been shown (but forgotten)  but it is not easily apparent.

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      No response from MYOB?  Poor old Kevin has been waiting since November 2018.

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      Hi kashworth 


      Kevin, I always print the transactiomns in the uncoded General Ledger accounts for withdrawals and deposits, and use it as an uncoded transaction report.

  • Has any progress been made to improve the workings of the unallocated transactions report. The biggest fault at the moment is that it arranges the transactions in date order, this is the most inefficient and time-consuming method for both the client and the accountant.

    There needs to be an option to sort in all orders to bring about the best efficiencies for the clients preference. Or give us the option to export to excel which then gives us the option to sort as required.

    Even using the option to export the general ledger details of the unallocated transactions is flawed. In excel the full description does not record the cheque number, the same thing happens in pdf form.

    Can this be looked at as a viable option for greater efficiency.

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      Totally agree, as accountant the unallocated report is really handy and important when we communicate with our clients.. Xero did way more better than MYOB in this report..


      Hope MYOB could listen to our suggestions, and did some impovments which is not a thing for the IT and technichine guy.. 


  • I don't need  it for a client. I need it for myself. Currently i print the page using the browser's print (which has the print way too small) or copy the whole page and paste it into a spreadsheet. These are work arounds but  a little frustrating. Thanks

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows for MYOB Partners/Advisors to generate a report that lists the transactions and their current status. This report is the coding report. More information on this report can be found on Help Article: Banking reports.