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4 months ago

Accounts Payable - Payroll Cheque No: EFT Have an option in Card List for how you are going to pay

When paying someone it has Cheque No: and you have to type in EFT or B Pay etc each time.  Why not in the card list you have a payment method drop down box so you can pick how you pay the supplier/staff member

EFT , B Pay, Cheque etc. 


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    Awe4some idea, just a shame that MYOB stopped listening after private equity took them over - only interested in profits now not a functional responsivee product

  • Hi JL21,


    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the Community Forum!

    We appreciate your suggestion regarding adding a payment method option to the card list to simplify payment processing. It's a great idea that could definitely streamline the process of selecting how you pay your suppliers. You're in the right place by posting it here, as this board is where feature suggestions and ideas for future enhancements are regularly reviewed by our developers. We encourage everyone to vote for this idea, as it will significantly contribute to enhancing our software to better meet all your needs.


    Feel free to continue sharing your ideas and suggestions, or create a new post if you require further assistance.