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5 months ago

Glitch in Payruns and Standard pay



Three system glitches that need fixing, and I dont know how they haven't been already!! Have been an issue for years.

Using the web based version of Account right.


In Employee set up, you must have hours in pay cycle.

These hours then transfer over to the tab "standard pay". This should not happen unless you enter it manually as currently it then adds itself into the pay run and the employee shows up as working twice the amount of hours, if you are running on timesheets to calculate the hours.

EXAMPLE: I gave my employee a payrise. For some reason, under the Standard Pay tab, in wages - base hours, 38 has automatically been placed there. My employee does a timesheet every week on which he gets paid those hours. When I start a new pay run, instead of the 30hours worked it is showing 68 hours because of this strange automatic adding of a "standard pay".



Next, when you start a pay run, it says "No timesheets for this pay period" even though there is. You have to change the date to tomorrow then back to today in order for the  current timesheets to show up for selection. Why is it like this? Please fix.


Next, when entering bills the automatic fill in will pick up the business the bill is for but no other information. I have found if you select a random different business, then go back to selecting the correct business then the autofill will pick up the right information for that business./


All such frustrating tedious things that shouldn't occur in a programe thats been running for this long. It makes MYOB so clunky and finicky to use, no wonder so many are giving up on it. Please fix what needs to be fixed instead of updating the look of the dashboard every 6 months. We pay enough money for this program that it shouldnt be so annoying to use. 


  • Yes i agree, please remove the need for standard hours in employee set up when employees use timesheets. 

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    Hi duitselectrical,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We've forwarded it to the relevant team for their consideration in future updates. In the meantime, if you have any further queries, please feel free to post again, and one of us will be happy to assist you.