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4 months ago

Hide Negative on PAY SUPERANNUATION window

When you have superannuation guarantee contributions returned as unpaid due to wrong Super Fund supplied, you need to perform the Receive Money in Banking, then record negative super guarantee through pay run, then change details in employee card, and finally record positive super guarantee through pay run. 

Once you have done this you then can go to PAY Superannuation window and process the POSITIVE amount and authorise for payment to new super fund information.


After the above you actual will still have the NEGATIVE amount showing on the PAY Superannuation window.


My idea would be to have a HIDE button / option for negatives on this window next to the record.

As we cannot delete it and will will show continually until year dot... you should be able to HIDE it somehow.


Thank you.

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    Hi GayleHEH,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! We truly appreciate your input and the time you've taken to suggest this feature for our software. If you have any further queries or ideas, please feel free to post again, and one of us will be happy to assist you.