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10 months ago

Import Pay items/updates

We have 35 franchises currently using Accountright that have 2 different awards for payroll. Across both awards, there are 124 payroll categories for FT/PT plus that again for casual. Each pay category has a base rate plus 15 different shift rates. For each award update, each franchise requires each individual pay item to be manually updated. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create an import/export function for pay items. 


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    Hi keetalee82 , I note that Wage pay categories can be posted to AccountRight files via the API, so it should be possible to develop a process to create the necessary data in Excel and create or update Wage pay categories in all files. All other pay category types are read-only, so can't be created or updated from outside the file. If you would like to discuss this further, please send me an email.

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    Hi TaniaHutch,

    Thank you so much for post and welcome to the Community Forum!

    We genuinely appreciate your valuable suggestion, and I apologize for the delayed response. I understand the significance of this feature for you, and we will certainly pass your suggestion on to the appropriate team for future consideration. We will keep you informed with updates on when this feature becomes available.

    Feel free to post again if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.

  • We would also like to see improved payroll import options.  We would like to import our Salary Sacrifice amounts under the "deductions" Payroll Category.  Currently we need to manually adjust each pay.  

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    Hi, keetalee82


    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


    Thank you for your suggestion regarding the import and export of pay items feature. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. We truly understand how this feature will help your workload and as we value our customers, rest assured that this suggestion will be passed on to the relevant team.


    Best regards,