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10 years ago

Import/Export Assistant: Default to all files not txt

Your staff in the Community were unable to help with the following issues and suggested I log them here. The first is a bug in Account Right Plus and the second two would make life a bit easier.


1. After doing a successful import of a CSV file using the Import/Export Assistant, I always get an error when I select  Import More Data to import another day's data. The error message is -15 Account number not fould in list of postable accounts. The only way I can do it is to run the Import/Export assistant from start for every entry, which is annoying and time consuming.

2. When selecting files for import, the default is always TXT. Is it possible to change the default to ALL.

3. When importing a General Journal Entry, I always get an error message if there is a zero amount in the data being imported. Why? Life would be lot easier if I could import a zero.


"Import/Export Assistant"

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