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4 years ago

In Tray: View document without needing to open PDF

Bright ideas department to make MYOB more user friendly. The In Tray works OK. Would it be possible to preview the pdfs without actually opening them, say with a magnifying glass? I get several bills from the same entity and it'd help with identification if I could see the contents of each one without having to open the pdf.


"Viewer for In Tray"


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    Please note that not everyone uses MYOB Browser

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    When viewing a purchase with a document attached in the AccountRight Browser Interface users can select the Split view option to showcase the document while still viewing the transaction.

    The AccountRight Browser Interface also has an overlay to see the full document prior to matching/creation by selecting the document image in the In Tray window.

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    At the VERY least a file name would be beneficial and I totally agree having to open the document to see it is a pain 

  • Yes! I love this idea. At the moment it is just super clunky feeling to have to dowload the image and reopen it.

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    A magnifying glass in the in tray area would also enable me to check the job name/number on the invoice so that I can enter it when I have created a new bill :)

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    Absolutely! The IN TRAY feature is useful but ridiculously clunky and untrustworthy. The number of documents shown in the tray are constantly changing. It would be better if it showed the file name of the document so we could see duplicates and dates as the order is non-sensical. A zoom highlight to see the document details would be better as it often doesn't pick up the company name and it completely stuffs up auto-fill on credit notes that reference an original invoice number.