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8 years ago

Online Payments: Accept payment for multiple invoices (or statements)

It's really helpful to us that you have setup to accept online credit card payments but it seems to only be for one invoice.  We need this function to accept payment of multiple invoices. 


For customers that have 6 or 7 invoices per month it's easier for them to continue paying once by direct deposit, rather than having to pay each invoice seperately by credit card.  Will you be setting up the online payment system so people can perhaps click the link and pay off their monthly statements so customers can pay their whole account instead of just one invoice ?? 




'Suggest Paydirect online is setup to accept payment for multiple invoices"


  • Dito - Paydirect is brilliant but it needs to be expanded to statements so multiple invoices can be payed at once... 

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    Hi MYOB Team,


    Any chance the pay direct feature will be extended to allow customers to click 'Pay Now' when viewing their statement? 


    Some of our customers will get several invoices throughout the month and it would be good if they could pay multiple invoices with one online payment rather than having to pay each one at a time.


    The pay direct feature is fantastic - loving it so far. I can see so many great features that could be added to this service to allow for even easier debt collection and better cashflow management. Great work!!



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    Any word on this?  We just signed up to Pay Direct online today and noticed this issue straight away, will MYOB be rectifying this anytime soon?



  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2019.2, customers now have the option of paying multiple online invoices at once via the Unpaid Invoice Summary.