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12 years ago

Pay Bills: Refresh when information changes

I would like the pay bill and receive payment screens to have a refresh button so that if for some reason you need to modify an invoice or bill (eg where there are rounding issues at the supplier end or you have to make a correction to an invoice), so that you do not have to make the change in the invoice or bill and then close the pay bill or recieve payment screen and then reopen it to have the updated information.


"Ability to refresh lists of invoices/bills on the pay bill and receive payment screens"


  • Yes please - F5 doesn't work in either of these screens either.  You have to go all the way out and come back in again.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    In AccountRight 2016 when a transaction is changed from the Pay Bills/Receive Payments window the window will auto refresh to show the updated change.