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10 years ago

Pay Superannuation: Report on payments made

There is none of the reports under the reports menu pick up the Super Payment if payment is made via Pay super function.


Imagine an employee comes to us, saying his superfund has not received the payment. I have nothing to show them, proving we paid and MYOB pay super department has received that contribution payment in right amount with correct fund details, employee member number and TFN.


So I would appreciate if better reporting for the pay super function can be developed, as a report of this nature is absolutely necessary.



"Receipt or report that shows payments made through pay super"


  • Hi Myob,


    Is the Super paid reprot available now. How can I print it. As I need to submit it to ATO.


    Thank You



  • Hi mohibuddin


    As mentioned you can run the Reports>>Payroll>>Superannuation Payments>>Either the "Payments by Employee" or "Payments by Fund" report. There is the option for a Payment Type filter, this can be changed to be Pay Superannuation to show the superannuation payments made via Pay Superannuation.

    Please note that this relates to the AccountRight 2015.1 and above versions, of which AccountRight 2016.2 is the current version.

  • I would like to be able to print a superannuation payment transaction that shows the list of employees, payroll category & superannuation fund and amounts in date order and totalled by superannuation payment number (i.e. PSxxxxx) (i.e. similar to the 'Electronic payments register' report).


    Currently we are taking 'screen shots' of our superannuation payments (per payment number) under 'manage payments' and printing those, which is not ideal.


    Please consider/implement.

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    I agree, I believe it is vital that MYOB provide confirmation to an Employer that it has in fact successfully deposited SG funds and delivered on its obligations and that this information is available when requested by an Employee or Authorising Body.


    I have in the past used the ATO Super Clearing House and it normally takes about 24-48 hours for a business to receive an email from the ATO Super Clearing House to advise that super distributions have been processed successfully.  Similarly, should there be an issue with a staff's super payment they provide you with the opportunity to go back in and correct the super issue.


    Using MYOB's "Pay Superannuation" feature for the first time ( 6/4/2017) I'm still waiting to receive confirmation that the payment has been processed and distributed to the various funds.  I have been advised by MYOB to check the "Manage Payments" section under "Payroll" however the status "Completed" which you would think means that the funds have been distributed, actually only means "The payment has been processed, and contributions are being paid into your employees' superannuation funds", as of today 12/4/2017, there is still no sign of the funds being deposited into MY FUND let alone my Employees Funds.  I'm concerned on a) how much time it is taking for MYOB to process this payment and if it doesn't reach the Super Funds by the Deadline Date, I would assume MYOB is liable ???? and b) How do I prove to my employees that the business has delivered on it's Super Obligations??


    Happy to hear other businesses views on this ......

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    The problem with the Superannuation Report is that it draws from employee card and not the actual transaction.

    Therefore if you run the report "Superannuation Payments by Fund" using payment type "Pay Superannuation" it will show the current super fund and member number for that employee.

    Therefore if you run the report after the employee card has been changed it will show that you made the payment to the current super fund and not the actual one as per the "pay superannuation" transaction.

    Also the report does not show totals to match to the actual payment.