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10 years ago

Prepare Electronic Payments: Show Statement Text

When Processing Electronic Payments it would be so great to be able to have a field showing Statement Text as I cannot see this until I have uploaded the batch into my banking.

If I have missed entering an invoice number in statement text when paying the purchase I cannot see this until this stage.  

Then I have to back out and muck around before resubmitting the batch.  Unless I am missing some other way of easily seeing this first....any suggestions very welcome. thanks


"Electronic Payments to Show Statement Text"

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    Thanks for your great suggestion MaryPBFN . It would be great if the statement text was visible to you when processing electronic payments and would cut down on error. Any users who would like to see this feature, please cast your vote here.

    You've asked if there is another way to see the statement text first. There is a way to do this, but since it's not on the processing screen I still urge other users to vote for this idea if they feel they would find it useful. 

    To view the statement text before processing your electronic payments, go to the banking tab of the reports list and run the 'unprocessed electronic payments' report. This will show all transactions awaiting an electronic payment. Click the insert/modify tab and then click show/hide. You will be able to statement text to the report here.